1.Concentrate juice---A Growing global market
The juice concentrate market has grown substantially since this product was first traded back in 1950's. Nowadays consumption is no longer limited to the United States and Western Europe, and the fresh taste of fruit juice is enjoyed by consumers all over the world. Combining the growing consumption in newly
developed markets with the more traditional markets. Global demand is expected to continue growing at a rate of 2% to 4% per annum. Meanwhile, growth in the product processing industry ensuring that supply meets the growing demand.
2.GJ is a juice concentrate processors, located in Tasmania,Australia. In order to meet the Chinese customers demand for juice concentrate, GJ founded a plant in Tianjin, China. Relying on our advanced experience equipment and modernized technical force, We have researched, developed and produced many kinds of products in short times, juice concentrate is obtained through the evaporation of
water from the juice of mature fruit, selected and harvested at their prime. In the plant, processing capacity can reach to 15000 mt. In order to satisfying the customer demands. We storage much juice concentrate.
3.Our fruit pulps can be used in many kinds of food industries. In these special products knows as fruit pulps are added to give the final food product a more natural and nutrition characteristic. We can research and produce special products as per customers specification.
4.We warmly welcome the users to use our products, we also welcome both domestic and foreign friends to come to discuss business and to set up friendly cooperation with us.